About Us


Amadeus; a name associated with near perfection, prolific music and hard work, brings that same mentality to the publishing world. Just as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart worked hard to perfect his craft, we here at Amadeus Publishing work hard to produce your hard work in a quality manner.

Founded in 2015, by writer and author Amadeus, he aims to produce challenging works of romance, thoughtful research works and some children’s books by talented and prolific writers who are looking for an outlet and platform to showcase their works. Originally based in Evinston, Florida, Amadeus Publishing began after the founder published his first book with another company and was not pleased with the marketing the book received. It had modest success, but it was believed that it could have done much better. The publisher set out to revive his own publication and used the company as a vehicle to promote his own work. However along the way, other authors contacted him to assist them in editing their work and to seek advice about publication, since he was a researcher and critical writer. He consented to help and found himself in the middle of creating a company that not only pushed his work forward but assisted others as well.

Keeping you the author in mind, we are dedicated to publishing high quality works, that are both challenging and creative. Our aim is to bring works by new authors to the national and international markets. Let us help bring your book into reality by a combination of self publishing and traditional methods. If you have a completed manuscript or a proposal that fits our mission, please send a proposal including a letter describing the purpose and audience of your book with your background and qualifications.

We would ask that you initially include a detailed overview of your project and outline or table of contents, an estimated length of completed manuscript, and please include the first two chapters (at least 25 pages) of the manuscript printed out and double spaced. Please indicate upon submission, which Word processing software you are using.

We ask authors to submit a book proposal when a positive response to your query is received. This will allow us to give editorial advice during the development phase of the project, and greatly reduces the amount of revisions needed later. If you wish to have materials submitted returned to you, please so indicate and include return postage.

Notification: Materials coming from personal experience, research, biographical and autobiographical accounting.

Fiction: Subjects include critical research in the areas of religion, romance, multi-cultural romance, and romantic suspense that touches the heart and the imagination of the readers as well as a few educational books for youth. We allow our authors the latitude to explore. Urban manuscripts are also desirable as they speak to an inner city culture embraced in that social norm.

Amadeus Publishing has a publishing schedule to release the entire Off da Chain series in succession with is inclusive of The Intimacy of Tenderness, After The Rain, Fire And Desire parts 1 and 2, Journey To The Wild Side, and The Final Frontier parts 1 and 2 at the rate of one title every quarter if not sooner. Also, The Magic Feather by Jim Pond will also be released later this year. All of the afore-mentioned titles provide the reader with interaction in order to make your reading more pleasurable as well as educational. This is truly cutting edge and will be followed by others in the industry.
Tips: Our readers love good fiction and are scattered among all social classes, educational levels and social groups. Don’t be afraid to step out and exercise your gift in writing an imaginative story, which places the reader inside your literary work wanting more. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for a response. Always spell check and try to send an edited manuscript when requested.

We are a young company and are partnered with a top company in the field, using the combined knowledge of their consultants to assist us. You will find our commitment to detail and outside the box thinking exceptional. Our attention to quality is on every page. Our small staff looks at each submission, and uses all of our resources to corporately work on each project. With our talented staff as well as a top graphic designer, we can produce a finished product for you that is breath-taking.
We have provided some helpful hints on such things as how to write a book proposal and construct a sample query letter. You will find these things listed next. You can use these examples to make submissions to other companies.