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Book 1: The Intimacy of Tenderness

Get comfortable, relax, set the mood and enjoy this Five Star read as the author takes you to the intense reality of the emotional connections of Intimacy in relationships through the use of simply put, Tenderness.




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This novel is set in modern day Atlanta, Georgia with all of the glitter and action the city has to offer. Like with most men, the feeling of the need to find a suitable mate and get married continues to surface in the mind of the main character Lanceford as well as in his spirit. He is affectionately called Lance for most of the book by his friends. For all practical purposes Lanceford is a romantic and deeply committed to the idea of romance and relationship, but all he needs is to have someone to be romantic with. He’s not a very outgoing man and spends most of his time at home when he’s not at work. However, while teaching, he eventually catches the eye of Ilianna Brandi. She is from Brazil and is breathtakingly beautiful in every sense of the word. She is the oldest student in his class and by far the most mature. You seldom saw her hanging around the other girls on campus engaging in trivial conversation. She was a private person. Considering the fact that faculty members should not be dating their students, Lance was doing his best to abide by this rule, but one day it happened. He fell in love with Ilianna. With everything they are doing to each other and with each other, it turns into a romantic story which takes you to the highest level of freakdom. There are messages embedded within the dialogue to women concerning how men should treat them, as well as messages to men about proper dress and hygiene when approaching a woman. There are messages to women from a man’s point of view on what he expects of the woman he’s dating who already has children. These messages are couched in a comical fashion which will cause both sexes to think about their perceptions of the other. There are riveting sex scenes all the way through the book, written in graphic details that would make a nun blush. Along the way Lance attempts to assist two of his friends, CJ and Marcus, who are constantly having relationship issues. Even though CJ gives Lance advice on how to catch a woman, he can’t seem to keep one himself. His sister Geleta is a cynical piece of work who can’t seem to land a man and it’s not because she has 6 children. Lance is also a former executive chef, and cooks throughout the book for his friends as well as Ilianna. While various dishes are being prepared, the reader is walked through the recipes along with the presentation of all the dishes. All the meals are mouthwatering to say the least. Long before the end of the book, it becomes interactive, in that Lance meets one of his former students who is playing with the band, while performing in a little hole in the wall eatery that both he and Ilianna were visiting. Lance gives him a business card which has the wrong email address on it. Upon discovering this, Lance has him to write the correct one on the card. It is an active email address for the purposes of the book. Although this is a modern day setting for a very nice love story, there are several comical moments of engagement for the reader as well as many poetic moments of scene descriptions. Lances gives you an inside view on his perspective of men in the mall, as men hurry to find comfortable leather seats only to discover that the chair the man sits in and occupies for the duration of her shopping trip was not such a fiscally bright idea.


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Overall, the story constantly moves along and keeps the reader engaged and intrigued and wanting to know what Lance is going to do next. There will be surprising things in this book that you’ll find to be quite interesting. There might even be some techniques that you might even want to try out at home. This is a natural story. It is natural in the sense that it looks at the human story of love and falling in love in such a way that leaves the reader wanting to know more about what’s going to occur in every chapter. It looks at the lives of the two main characters and what happens when these two people finally get together in a romantic setting. Enjoy the story because it could very well happen to you. The music and videos in the ebook also helps with your engagement and interaction. Every man has dreams of success in life. Ultimately his dreams, wants, and desires will help to shape him and clarify his visions; painting a backdrop for what he shall eventually become. Along the way, it is his hope to find that near perfect woman who shall inform his life and complete him. In his mind, just as with many women, everything about this woman has already been stitched into the fabric of his mind. In the silhouette who he has seen in his dreams, which has spanned more than a thousand midnight’s, he already knows her height, shape, scent, complexion, weight, length of hair, and sound of her voice. He even knows the educational level he would like for her to have acquired. All of this, he already knows; and therefore, he embarks upon a lifelong journey to find that picture of near perfection he created in his mind. He begins the search for her. Along this journey he meets women he shall have intimate moments with while showing them the tenderness they deserve. During this journey he does not settle for what he does not want. He waits for that which he does want and desire. Just because it looks good, that does not mean it is good. A real man seeks to nurture, protect, care for and love his woman in ways she never imagined would be realized outside her dreams. He does not engage in verbal or physical abuse, but always seeks to build her up where she may be torn down. He never demeans her in public. A real man is not perfect, but he seeks to become that which he is not; a better man today than he was yesterday. A real man does not disrespect his woman, but seeks to protect the one whom he values most. He sets forth a model of leadership in the household that can be followed and respected. He seeks to do his best to provide for his family. He does not run from or avoid his responsibilities. So he looks to find someone he can merge with, someone who is the picture of what he has held sacred in his mind. She is understanding, gentle, non-argumentative, non-judgmental, always willing to listen, and beautiful in spirit. She seeks to become a true help-meet, and the twain shall become one. She is like a rare, precious, and beautiful gem. She will be a wife of noble character; she will be her husband’s crown. She will bring him no harm, but will always seek to bring him good. She has the confidence of her husband and he trusts her totally, without any doubt or hesitation and with all his heart. Imagine if you will, two lovers male and female. They really aren’t lovers yet, but it is this man’s hope that after all his planning and attention to detail, she will eventually give in to his quest to be with her. Ever since he first saw her on the subway on his way to work, he knew that he wanted to meet this woman, but didn’t quite know how to approach her. His name is Lanceford Micheal, but his friends called him Lance. He is forty-five years old, five feet eleven inches tall, and he weighs two hundred pounds. His hair was cut close, and he had no facial hair. He had thick eyebrows and rather long eye lashes for a man. His eyes were certainly a 
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focal point. He was, in essence, nicely built, but, not what you would call buffed. He had played tennis throughout high school, college and then professionally, so his legs were very well developed. He had always heard so much about Atlanta. His friends often told him that the ATL was the place to be, especially for a black man who was thinking about trying to make it. Besides, it was an African American’s educational mecca. He figured he couldn’t go wrong educationally since he did have plans to do continued post graduate work. After all, Clark Atlanta University was there; both Morehouse and Spelman Colleges were there; and right across the street from each other, the Interdenominational Theological Center was there; Morris Brown College and the Atlanta Metropolitan College were there. It was a black Mecca of educational opportunities. He moved to Atlanta from a small town in Florida called Reddick, to attend grad school. After graduating from both Clark Atlanta and Emory Universities, things seemed to be going so well for him that he ended up staying there to begin his career as a university professor. He wasn’t doing too badly for a country boy, although he often missed the solitude of where he had lived for so long. But now he was in Atlanta with all the lights, glitter and unlimited possibilities for almost anything he could imagine. It was a thriving center for business and entertainment. The capital of Georgia, Atlanta is the ninth most populous American metropolitan area. It was a beautiful city that was relatively clean and quite diverse with theaters, restaurants, and nightlife that would boggle your mind. This is where it all began. Lance lived in Marietta and commuted everyday into Atlanta for work. After graduating with his PhD in music, a good friend of his, James Roach, called with good news. A real estate agent, James found him such a good deal on a foreclosure that Lance bought it and moved there. He really wanted to live in Decatur. With its eclectic culture and small-town feeling, accessibility to many different cuisines and the world-class, DeKalb Farmers Market, he would have been happy there. In addition, his job was in Decatur, but unfortunately, there was nothing available in his first-time home buyers price range. He imagined himself living somewhere near Church Street in a modest Victorian house. Nevertheless, he considered the residence in Marietta a good investment. He figured he would make the best of it for the time being. It was a three bedroom, 4100-square-foot, split-level house. This place was huge by any standard, but perhaps it just seemed huge because it was empty. It came with a fireplace outlined in brownstone and a mahogany mantelpiece. There was a beautiful chandelier left by the previous owners that seemed to capture the light of the rising morning sun. In the mornings, light danced around the living room as light reflected from it like a kaleidoscope. Since he was coming from a one-bedroom apartment that he had occupied since he moved to Atlanta, there really wasn’t much furniture to move into this place. He came to the conclusion that it was going to take him some time to really furnish this place the way he wanted. Even though he wasn’t one for decorating, he actually ended up doing a pretty good job by going with an Asian motif. He liked the different colors that would be engaged with the usage of the black, red, yellow, green and orange tapestries. During the walk-through of the place, the one thing that attracted him was actually the size of the kitchen. As he did the walk through, he stood at the opening of the massive cooking space, imagining all the culinary damage that he could do in that kitchen. He hoped he would find someone with whom he could share his cooking skills. He hoped to find someone who could not 
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only appreciate his intellect; but also appreciate being graced with the presentation of a fine meal that could stimulate the senses to the point of salivation.  The walls of the kitchen were a soft powder blue. The appliances were all stainless steel. There was also an island stove/grill in the middle of the space with a stainless steel hanging pot rack and a brown chopping block. The sink was stainless steel as well and had a touch-sensitive faucet. No matter where you touched it, even if you were holding a pot while cooking, the water would come on.  He was an excellent cook, and he had all the tools. He had always had the idea that if he should ever get married, he wanted to do most of the cooking; he didn’t want anyone experimenting on him.  He had a very nice car, but with gas prices the way they were, he found it to be more economical to take public transportation. Lance was frugal. He didn’t spend money on things he didn’t need. He also didn’t needlessly spend his energy trying to impress people. Every morning he would take the CCT over to the ARTS Center Station, where he would catch the southbound train to the Five Points Station. Teaching at college was wonderful. Not only could he explore different areas of choral pedagogy, but he could interact with his students and stand in front of his classes and engage in what he called literary pontification. He had the respect of his colleagues as well as his students, and he was a published author. As the music director at a local church, he had developed an excellent graded choral music program. He had everything he wanted. . . except for someone to share the loneliness of his nights and the emptiness of his afternoons and evenings. What was the problem? He was in a place where women outnumbered men twenty to one and those were great odds by any standards. It stood to reason that any black man looking for a woman would have no problems finding one, or so he thought. He knew that by being in Atlanta, he stood a greater chance of finding a woman who was not only beautiful, but educated as well. Lance knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a woman who was a cross between Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union and Jada Pinkett Smith; not necessarily in that order, but close to it. He wanted her to be about five-eight, one-hundred-twenty ponds, bronze in skin tone, and flowing black hair that would rest mid way her back, beautiful long legs that moved her about with the gracefulness of a gazelle. Needless to say, he wanted her to be absolutely stunning in every aspect of her appearance with eyes that could melt your heart from across the room.  He wanted her to have a voice that mirrored her natural beauty, and a smile that was both warming and seductive. For Lance; she had to be a lady in every aspect of the word on the streets and a freak at night between the sheets. There could be and would be no compromise in what he wanted. Oh sure, he had met many women along the way, who came close to what he was looking for, but then, there would be a short fall. The problem would either be a combination of the timbre of their speaking voice as well as their subject/verb agreement. Lance could have scored a few months ago, except he refused to do Ebonics as a primary form of speaking…


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