ODC First Blog Post!


Here at Amadeus Publishing and ODC (Off Da Chain) Wines have put together this site for you to enjoy our Book 1 and hopefully along with a nice bottle of our very own “Off Da Chain” wine from our selected vineyards.  We have established this ODC Blog to help you get the latest “BUZZ” that’s happening with us.  We welcome new members to the site! If you register on our site here you can post replies to our blogs as well as reviews, etc.  We look forward to hearing from you and see you on the BLOG soon !

One thought on “ODC First Blog Post!

  1. Site looking good my friend! Hehe from your friends here at GUMSMACK.com we do website building and implementation. Visit our site and use the contact us form to inquire about services ! Happy APRIL fools day!


    And ODC, I’m going to open that wine bottle Saturday (moms birthday was yesterday, so gonna give her a taste of some quality hehe. Don’t worry, will post the results on blog ! I’ll have her leave her own comment…

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