Shipping Restrictions

Because of state regulations we can only ship to the states listed below in the amounts listed. We are sorry for any inconvenience, however, the books can be shipped anywhere. Please enjoy the books anyway, find a local liquor store and read by a nice Moscato.
Prices – ODC White $24.99
ODC Red $24.00
ODC Desert Dry $27.99

Shipping costs anywhere in Florida is $16.00 from 1-6 bottles (each) out of state is $20.00 per bottle via FEX EX.
Connecticut         25 bottles/60 days
District of Columbia         1 case/month
Georgia     12 cases/year
Idaho     24 cases/year
Indiana     24 cases/year
Iowa      2 cases/month
Louisiana     12 cases/year
Minnesota     2 cases/year
Missouri     2 cases/month
Nebraska      1 case/month
Nevada     12 cases/year
New Jersey     12 cases/year
New Mexico     2 cases/month
New York     36 cases/year
North Carolina     2 cases/month
North Dakota     3 cases/month
Ohio     24 cases/year
Oregon     2 cases/month
South Carolina     2 cases/month
Virginia     2 cases/month
Wisconsin     12 cases/year
Wyoming     2 cases/year

Reminder: If you are ordering the wine and you are not in any of the states listed. We WILL NOT ship to you.